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Glenn Gillen

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Portable, Shareable Application Development Environments

On empathy

On meritocracy

On hiring

Because, fuck cancer

On entitlement

Default environment specific values for DATABASE_URL

Simplifying ActiveRecord Connection Strings

Slaying dragons with git, bash, and ruby

Agile Development: The quickstart guide to doing it right

Nobody cares what tools you use

You don't win friends with salad

Github-style capistrano deployments

Don't put your private key on a public server

Getting started with MongoDB

Managing email lists with Mailchimp and MonkeyWrench

Filtering the Twitter Streaming API

Bash script to check timestamp on cron logfile

Building ruby-debug on Ruby 1.9.x

Consuming the Twitter Stream

Short DOW

Upgrading Engine Plugins to work with Rails 3

Cocoa Update


Watching Crude

Short Coffee

Trading Update - March 11th 2010

Long Tesco


Short Cocoa


JRuby, and why bouncers are assholes

Rails Underground - Day 2

Rails Underground - Day 1

Scotland on Rails 09 - Videos are up

Belated Scotland on Rails round up

Capturing a form cancel

Ruby Manor Videos Available

scRUBYt! Gets Plugins!

Web Scraping - The Amazon Example Finale

More web scrapers with the upcoming scRUBYt!

Rails Hosting - Updated

Ruby on Rails Tutorials

Web Spider Creation with scRUBYt! - Part II

Web Spidering and Data Extraction with scRUBYt!

Custom Starting Templates for Rails Apps

Ruby on Rails Hosting Round-up

When (ruby) floating just isn't good enough

Easily Generating Content For Your Site

Merbcamp Videos

Merbcamp - Day 2

Merbcamp - notes from the edge

DataMapper Migrations

Introducing, collaborative mapping

Nginx Intermediary SSL Certificates and Passphrases

The complete guide to setting up Starling

Sexy Forms in Rails

Useful Flash Messages in Rails

Make your own IM bot in Ruby, and interface it with your Rails app

Ruby and Microformats

Bulk insertion of data with ActiveRecord

Monitoring Backgroundrb with God

Letting nginx automatically detect new rails apps

Rails god config

Using rspec have_tag

Moving over to Git

17 Rails plug-ins you should be using

Improved timezones in Rails 2.1

Improving rails app and mongrel performance with Thin

Setting up nginx, ssl, and virtual hosts

Free ATOM feed loving

Playing with Merb

Testing web services with rspec

Unobtrusive javascript with lowpro

Touched by god (process monitoring)

A handy ruby utility (belt)

New Error Handling in Rails 2.0

Testing XML output in rspec and rails

Correctly handling multiple time zones in ruby on rails

Simplifying rails controllers with make_resourceful

Top 5 usability and design principles in web site development

Engine Yard Bounty Pays Off

Reject junk email addresses with email veracity

Trap rails from sending mail via SMTP

Ebay launches rails app

PrototypeJS adds better OO support

google, social networking

Keynote - Merbcamp '08

Driven Merb: A User Story - Merbcamp '08

Expanding our idea of the background web with Merb - Merbcamp '08

Writing Real Time Web Apps with Orbited and Merb

Q&A Session - Merbcamp '08

Writing a Merb plugin 101 - Merbcamp '08

Deploying a Merb app - Merbcamp '08

Learning from Django - Merbcamp '08

Securing SSH access

Installing Memcached

Installing Subversion and MySQL

Installing Ruby, Rails, and Rubygems

Installing Apache 2.2.4

Adding yourself to the sudoers file