Welcome To The New Location

Aug 11, 2007

Well it has been quite a while in the making, but I've finally decided to go it out on my own. After taking a few months off traveling and to head home and visit friends and family I've relocated back to the UK and consolidated my various freelance and investment interests across continents into a single company, Ruby Pond. That's not to say I've not been busy working. There are a number of projects which I've been working on, for both external clients and personal ventures. Hopefully a steady stream of them will start coming out the virtual doors in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Until then, expect this blog to be my geek soap box for anything related to the various facets of of my business and random learnings. For my on-going travel diaries from my newly bedouin lifestyle or to hear what my other half has to say check out the updates (when we actually get around to them) at Em and glenn

Hi, I'm Glenn! 👋 I'm currently Director of Product @ HashiCorp, and we're hiring! If you'd like to come and work with me and help make Terraform Cloud even more amazing we have multiple positions opening in Product ManagementDesign, and Engineering & Engineering Management across a range of levels (i.e., junior through to senior). Please send in an application ASAP so we can get in touch.